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September 30th: wmacpiload 0.2.0 released !
As written in the NEWS file, most changes are hunder the hood and will not be seen by the users.
Still, you will note that is uses even less CPU than before !
And I have added a -D command-line option to disable battery management
Feel free to use it !
August 12th: links to old versions fixed. Mea culpa
July 23rd, 2005: big news ! (After quite a long time without activity on this page...)
- With Anthony's agreement, I am now the maintainer of wmacpiload.
- This page has got a light lifting, and moved to tuxfamily.org (as the old page was on my ISP webspace and I'm done with them);
- And version 0.2.0 is coming soon...
August 19th, 2004: patch 4 released ! Changes:
- lowered CPU usage;
- the documentation is (at least ;) up-to-date;
- and a few other things...

What is it all about ?

wmacpiload is a dockapp for GNU/Linux that monitors ACPI status, meaning temperature, battery status and AC adapter status, in a nice graphical display. It has an LCD look-alike user interface, and is supported by X window managers such as Window Maker, AfterStep, BlackBox, and Enlightenment.

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A bit of history

wmacpiload was created by Anthony Peacock (bratag44 AT hotmail.com), and was indeed a good dockapp, which did what it was asked to, and looked nice, so I used it. But it wasn't perfect (hey, version 0.1.2 at the time), and there had been some talk on dockapps.org about how to improve it; but Anthony did not have enough time to work it out.

So I put myself to it, and made my patch (among many others). I had proposed it to Anthony, but he couldn't review it; so I released it here. With time, my patch grew and grew (four releases in a chaotic scheduling), adding features and fixing stuff. Meanwhile, Anthony having no more time to maintain wmacpiload, he and I agreed that I would became the maintainer (thanks ;) ). So, my patch is now the official wmacpiload...

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Features that might interest you

wmacpiload has been tested and/or reported to work on many 2.4.x and 2.6.x Linux kernels; and it does the following things (among others):

See the files NEWS and ChangeLog for more accurate info.

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This sounds cool. Where do I get it ?

Generic source

Everyone can freely download wmacpiload as a source tarball right here:

Links to the bzipped archives
VersionSizeMD5 checksumChangelog
wmacpiload-0.2.0.tar.bz2 110 Ko dcbb00a7755e1cfe4300be9da5c72b5d ChangeLog-0.2.0
wmacpiload-0.1.2-ac4.tar.bz2 100 Ko 3240a1bf3a3a8d409876712a47381540 ChangeLog-0.1.2-ac4
wmacpiload-0.1.2-ac3.tar.bz2 99 Ko 8574063859ff8d4faf85423d03774f85 ChangeLog-0.1.2-ac3
wmacpiload-0.1.2-ac2.tar.bz2 98 Ko 63323e8ffefb1a4423aa54e8c6ae26fb ChangeLog-0.1.2-ac2
wmacpiload-0.1.2-ac1.tar.bz2 93 Ko 38c80e1f6715255a65bd5887607864b1 ChangeLog-0.1.2-ac1
wmacpiload-0.1.2.tar.gz 114 Ko 9b5cc84d1ef2a18b353da68e33b49ff6
wmacpiload-0.1.1.tar.gz 223 Ko 62d2369757978de004dad5d84393eeeb

You can check the MD5 sum it by typing, for instance, md5sum wmacpiload-0.2.0.tar.bz2 within a shell and comparing the result with the MD5 given above.

See INSTALL for compiling and installing steps.


Gentoo users can use the ebuild made by Eric Olinger (thanks ;).

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To do

My work has been quite irregular on this patch... So there are some things I haven't done/fixed/tested yet :

You can also check the TODO file for this kind of info.

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I've tested it, and it works ! Now how can I help you ?
I've tested it, and it crashes horribly. How can you help me with that ?

Whatever it works or it doesn't, please tell me. If it does, it is always nice to know it ;). If it does not work, give me the model of your computer, and, what i'd need to do something about it is this:

For instance, on my machine:

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dockapps.org a page on dockapps.org about wmacpiload

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